Harold Chee: Chinese Leadership

Harold Chee: Chinese Leadership

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Жанр: Palgrave
Издательство: Palgrave, 2011

With the accelerating integration of China into the global economy, there is a thirst to understand Chinese leadership styles and how Chinese employees like to be managed. There is no doubt that China can be a difficult and risky market for foreign businesses, with many surprises, disappointments and frustrations. China is certainly a special challenge. This engaging new work from Barbara Xiaoyu Wang and Harold Chee emerged out of their experiences of living and working in China both as managers and trainers of Chinese managers and leaders extensively over the last 12 years. The authors experienced and witnessed many faux pas by foreign companies and businessmen and often a major contributing factor was the many assumptions that foreign companies have about not only the Chinese marketplace but how to manage Chinese employees. What are the Chinese leadership styles, the patterns of communications, phenomenon of 'face', 'guanxi', and 'harmony', etc.? This book will dispel the myths that have built up in the West about Chinese Leadership. It has a practical focus and provides a framework for executives and managers to ask the right questions, make the right decisions and take the right strategies.

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