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Kahney Leander: Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple's Greatest Products

Скачать книгу (размер 1 625 Kb , формат fb2, страниц 320) Аннотация: In 1997, Steve Jobs returned to Apple with the unenviable task of turning around the company he had founded. One night Jobs discovered a scruffy British designer toiling away in a studio at Apple and instantly realized he had found a talent who could reverse the company's long decline. That young designer was Jony Ive. Ive's collaboration with Jobs would produce some of the world's most iconic…

Kahney Leander: Inside Steve's Brain

Скачать книгу (размер 565 Kb , формат fb2) Аннотация: Steve Jobs was an American visionary who immeasurably altered the way the world uses technology. From the Apple II to minimalist iMacs and from the foundation of Pixar to the invention of the iPad, Jobs' products and ideas confounded expectations perpetually redefined markets to make Apple the most successful technology company on the planet. Inside Steve's Brain is a unique and revealing look at…

Kahney Leander: Inside Steve's Brain

Скачать книгу (размер 1 574 Kb , формат fb2, страниц 310) Аннотация: One of USA Today's Best Business Books of 2008 is now updated with a new chapter. Inside Steve's Brain cuts through the cult of personality that surrounds Steve Jobs to unearth the secrets to his unbelievable success.