Berdy Michele A.: The Russian Word's Worth

Berdy Michele A.: The Russian Word's Worth

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Жанр: Glas New Russian Writing
Издательство: Glas New Russian Writing, 2011

«Since 2002, readers all over the world have been enjoying and learning from Michele A. Berdy's column «The Word's Worth» in The Moscow limes. In this quirky, opinionated, sometimes hilarious yet always thoughtful and authoritative guide, Berdy looks at Russia's changing culture, social scene and everyday life through language and the art of translation. She discusses colloquialisms and youth slang, the language of politics, the workplace, and the often comical struggle of expats to feel at home in a foreign idiom and culture. The Russian Word's Worth is essential reading for students and teachers of Russian, translators, Russia-watchers, expats, and anyone who wants to understand Russia today.»

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