Gaiman Neil: The Childrens Crusade

Gaiman Neil: The Childrens Crusade

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Жанр: DC/Vertigo Comics
Издательство: DC/Vertigo Comics, 2015

In this never-before-collected Vertigo event, children are mysteriously disappearing all over England. It's up to a group of young heroes to find out how they ended up in the mystical land called The Free Country — and to figure out how to bring them home again. This epic adventure features bookend chapters written by number 1 New York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman, and stars the young heroes from Vertigo titles, including Timothy Hunter (The Books of Magic), The Dead Boy Detectives (The Sandman), Maxine Baker (Animal Man), Tefe (Swamp Thing), and Dorothy Spinner (Doom Patrol). It collects The Children's Crusade numbered 1-2, Animal Man Annual numbered 1, Black Orchid Annual numbered 1, Swamp Thing Annual numbered 7, Arcana Annual numbered 1, and Doom Patrol Annual numbered 2.

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