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Faber Michel: Under The Skin

Скачать книгу (размер 1 503 Kb , формат fb2, страниц 296) Аннотация: Isserley spends most of her time driving along empty, winding Highland roads in her red Toyota. She is interested in hitchhikers — so long as they are male, well-muscled and alone. But once she has coaxed them into her car, what she does to them is truly astonishing. Meeting Isserley is only the beginning of their journey, and a gateway to a new world. Cutting across different genres, Under the…

Faber Michel: The Crimson Petal and the White

Скачать книгу (размер 4 196 Kb , формат fb2, страниц 824) Аннотация: Step into Victorian London and meet our heroine, Sugar — a young woman trying to drag herself up from the gutter any way she can — and the host of unforgettable characters that make up her world.