Eddie Robson: Dracula

Eddie Robson: Dracula

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Жанр: Daedalus Books
Издательство: Daedalus Books, 2009

Though considerably toned down for readers 7 to 10, this visual treatment of Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula remains largely true to the original story, with journal entries, clippings, and news articles augmenting the action and sidebars with helpful techniques for how to spot, capture, and kill a vampire. Solicitor Jonathan Harker is menaced in Transylvania by his new client, Count Dracula; the Count makes his way to England and turns Lucy Westenra into a vampire; and Mina Harker, Dracula's next victim, wavers between her vampire and human self before helping Jonathan and Van Helsing kill the Count. The book includes several practical inserted elements, including a travel guide to Transylvania (with hilarious ads for products like neck protectors), a pullout map of Dracula's castle, and a pop-out horde of bloodthirsty rats, as well as a playable board game of the race to Dracula's castle.

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